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The best Android Wear watch faces.
A watch face that makes full use of the complications widgets available in Android Wear 2.0, so you can set up customized shortcuts to go with this elegantly styled design. Get weather forecasts, step counts and more, with extra options available for a fee.
78 Best custom Android Wear watch faces as of 2018 Slant.
Ksana Sweep Watch Face. Supports Wear 2.0. This watch face can be customized to look however you want it to. The power consumption of this watch face is low, which prolongs the battery life of your watch. Add a Con.
21 new and notable Android Wear watch faces from the last 3 months 11/11/17 2/22/18.
Watch Face Digitec for Android Wear is true eye-catcher with digital characteristics and interactive functions. Watch face contains a huge number and user friendly settings on the watch and the phone companion app. The Android Wear 2.0 comes with external complication which this watch face supports completely.
Android Wear Wear OS Watch Faces Google.
Android Wear Wear OS Watch Faces Discussion. Hi I am a ticwatch user and I am having issues with watch face digitec as it is not syncing step data and phone battery percentage properly.also one query is that watch and phone both have separate pedometer and separate Google fit data and the watch face shows data from the phone not from the watch.any way possible the watch data can be shown instead of the phone data.
Depth: une solution pour donner de la profondeur à sa watchface Android Wear FrAndroid.
Moi aussi Enfin je rêve plutôt d'articles' exempts d'erreurs' aussi grossières. Le créateur de cette watch face Tag Heuer utilise une moto 360 V2 et dans l'article' on a droit à Robert" Szantai est un utilisateur heureux de la montre Android Wear Tag Heuer.
10 best Android Wear 2.0 and Android Wear watch faces Android Authority.
The watch face itself has customizable elements as part of the new Android Wear 2.0 Complications feature. It can show things like battery status for phone and watch, Google Fit, current weather conditions, and more. The watch face does virtually everything you'd' want a watch face to do.

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